International co-productions

Canary Islands’ singular tax regime offers up to 40% tax break for both film and television Canary co-productions. We are looking for feature-length fiction and documentary films with international market potential to co-produce.

Production servicing

A reliable, expert local partner for your international shooting in the Canary Islands, with highly efficient and competitive rates to add to the hefty 40% rebate for international non-Spanish productions. Your partner in the Canary Islands.

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Why the Canary Islands?

The best tax incentives in Europe, a world of locations within seven tiny islands, top-notch crews with highly competitive rates and the best climate in the World.

International Sales – Latest Films

The One-Eyed King

Black Comedy
Spain / Spanish / 2016 / 85 min
Directed by Marc Crehuet
With Alain Hernández, Betsy Túnez, Miki Esparbé, Ruth Llopis
Based on the hit play of the year in Spain
A young man who lost his eye to a rubber bullet in a street protest attends a dinner party where, by coincidence, he meets the riot policeman who fired the shot. So begins a black comedy about the fragility of convictions, the nature of social roles and the search for truth.  [MORE]

Dying Beyond Their Means

Black Comedy
Spain / Spanish / 2014 / 102 min
Directed by Isaki Lacuesta
With Raul Arévalo, Luis Tosar, José Coronado, Bárbara Lennie, Sergi López, Emma Suárez, Eduard Fernández, Ángela Molina
Five desperate citizens see their lives ripped apart by a global financial crisis. With nothing left to lose, they concoct a crazy plan to save the world’s economy. [MORE]

Hiroku: Defenders of Gaia

3D Animation
Spain / English, Spanish / 2014 / 80 min
Spanish & English versions available
28th Goya Awards – Nominated as Best Animation Film
Year 2120, two decades after the Great Cataclysm. The vast majority of the population are confined to small gatherings and controlled by The Corporation. But a multiracial group of talented ecologists, led by young Hiroku and her robotic pet, unite to defend Earth and find a cure for its sickness. [MORE]



Spain / English, Spanish / 2016 / 52 min
Spanish & English subtitles
Snowflake, Arizona: a safe haven for people allergic to life
A documentary showing the human drama behind Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) through testimonials from experts and people around the world affected by this mysterious disease. [MORE]


Musical Documentary
Spain / Spanish / 2016 / 65 min
50 years serenading Ibero-America
Los Sabandeños is one of the most important traditional folk music groups in Spain and a reference point in Ibero-American music. In a career spanning five decades they have recorded 80 albums and sold millions of copies worldwide. This documentary takes us on a passionate journey along the history of Ibero-American folk music through the songs of one of its main ambassadors.[MORE]

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