International co-productions

Canary Islands’ singular tax regime offers up to 45% tax break for both film and television Canary co-productions. We are looking for feature-length fiction and documentary films with international market potential to co-produce.

Production servicing

A reliable, expert local partner for your international shooting in the Canary Islands, with highly efficient and competitive rates to add to the hefty 40% rebate for international non-Spanish productions. Your partner in the Canary Islands.

We are attending Cannes Marché du Film 2019.

Why the Canary Islands?

The best tax incentives in Europe, a world of locations within seven tiny islands, top-notch crews with highly competitive rates and the best climate in the World.

International Sales – Latest Films

This Film is About Me

Spain / Spanish / 2018 / 75 min
Renata is an American inmate at a prison in Spain. Now she is the main character of a film. She has finally been noticed by someone, a novice lm- maker who directs her, alone, with a camera and a microphone. She believes her life story is the most extraordinary story ever to be told. He thinks he is has found the character of a lifetime. Both think they’re shooting a remarka- ble lm. But what kind of lm are these two characters really making?[MORE]


The sea stares at us from afar

Spain, Netherlands / Spanish / 2017 / 92 min
The legend of an ancient and forgotten civilization lies buried under a large expanse of dunes. For more than a century, a number of travelers have reached this remote and desolate territory looking for the traces of ancient inhabitants, the ruins of a city, or perhaps a sort of lost utopia. [MORE]


The One-Eyed King

Black Comedy
Spain / Spanish / 2016 / 85 min
Directed by Marc Crehuet
With Alain Hernández, Betsy Túnez, Miki Esparbé, Ruth Llopis
Based on the hit play of the year in Spain
A young man who lost his eye to a rubber bullet in a street protest attends a dinner party where, by coincidence, he meets the riot policeman who fired the shot. So begins a black comedy about the fragility of convictions, the nature of social roles and the search for truth.  [MORE]

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