Why the Canary Islands?

One of the greatest shooting locations in the world

Audiovisual expertise, unbeatable financial incentives and a universe of locations and microclimates within seven tiny islands.

The best tax incentives in Europe, top-notch crews with highly competitive rates, film-friendly region, superb infrastructures, the best climate in the world… Let’s shoot in paradise!

Why choose the Canary Islands for your film or TV production?

The best tax incentives in Europe

The Canary Islands have one of Europe’s most powerful tax incentives schemes for film and TV production. Up to a 40% tax break for Spanish co-productions, 35% rebate for international non-Spanish productions, Value Added Tax of just 7%…

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A world of locations within seven tiny islands

Disparity and richness of landscapes within a few kilometers. Natural landscape variety: volcanoes, deserts, jungles, woods, cliffs, mountains, beaches, wild sea, crystalline and calm waters, etc. As well as urban landscapes: colonial and modern architecture, inland and coastal villages, cosmopolitan cities, … A wide variety of premises allows many possibilities for shooting inside.

Top‐notch, non‐union film crews with highly competitive rates

An extensive network of trusted suppliers built up over decades. We provide top-of-the-range equipment and are experts at optimizing resources, increasing the production value of every project.

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The best climate in Europe and more...

An eternal spring with plenty of microclimates. A place where the summers are pleasant and the winters are mild. With constant temperatures throughout the year but with plenty of mini-climates, not just sunny but cloudy, windy and snowy. The location with the most daylight hours of anywhere in Europe.

Political stability and a safe environment

The best of Africa and Europe in one location: The advantages of being located geographically in Africa (landscapes, climate and exotic places) with the tranquility that belonging to a European country (security and infrastructure) implies.

Wide range of accommodation

Many different accommodation options to choose from: Hotels, aparthotels, rural apartments, private houses, luxury hotels, villas, hostels, bed and breakfast, etc.

Strategic geographical location

The Canary Islands are a European Union territory located between three continents: Europe, America and Africa. Their excellent airports (79 airlines connect to up to 147 international airports) and telecommunications infrastructures turn their geographical location into an strategic opportunity, while also having European legislation, regulations and standards.

A ‘can do’ business environment

Dedicated institutions together with qualified professionals form a perfect team for business and project development.

Film-friendly region

Public authorities and community leaders are aware of the production process and how to effectively facilitate filming requests. Citizens and officials engage and collaborate with shooting all over the Canary Islands.

The pleasure to work in paradise

Nice people and nice food. Quiet and beautiful places to relax and switch off after a hard day’s work. Enjoy the pleasure of working in a kind of natural spa: mild temperatures, pure sea air, sun, thermal waters and the sounds of nature. If you get tired of relaxing, there are local festivals, clubs, live music…

Crews are not only top‐notch, but non‐union (…) Shooting here is cheaper than in Louisiana.


Lucas Jarach


I appreciate the charming welcome and the cooperation we received in the Canary Islands during the shooting of In the Heart of the Sea.

Ron Howard

Film Director

Tenerife allowed me to travel to Guaranda (Colombia) without having to leave two small villages on the island.

Iñaki Ros



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