Her and them

A film by David Baute

Three lost women in search of the exiled poet and activist Mercedes Pinto

Mercedes Pinto was a Spanish poet, playwright, novelist and political activist who was exiled from Spain during the 1920s for her views on divorce and women rights, and inspired artists like Buñuel and Pablo Neruda. Three women –a student, a journalist and a writer- will embark on a journey in search of her roots and legacy.

Director’s Bio

David Baute was born in Garachico, Tenerife, Spain. He studied at the State Institute of Spanish Radio and Television and he specialized as a film editor at TAI Film School, Madrid. He continued studying film direction at the International Film School of Havana, Cuba.

Original title





David Baute


Spain, Uruguay / Spanish / 2012/ 71′ and 59′ versions available.

Technical data

HD / Stereo / 1.85:1 / Color

Available subtitles



Silvia Munt, Marta Aura, Paola Bontempi

Production company

Tinglado Film, Guazú Media, Inicia Films, Gran Númeronce Producciones

Executive producer

David Baute


Daniel Millet, Alicia Llarena, David Baute

Director of photography

Neus Ollé


Alejandro Lázaro

Festivals & Awards

  • Silver Biznaga Women Rights Award in Malaga Film Festival
  • Malvinas Award in the Trieste Latin American Film Festival
  • Official selection in Guadalajara International Film Festival
  • Official selection in Bogota Film Festival
  • Official selection in Atlantidoc (Uruguay)
  • Official selection in Ourense Film Festival (Spain)
  • Official selection in the Tübingen-Stuttgart Latin Film Festival (Germany)