The story of Los Sabandeños


50 years serenading Ibero-America

Los Sabandeños is one of the most important traditional folk music groups in Spain and a reference point in Ibero-American music. In a career spanning five decades they have recorded 80 albums and sold millions of copies worldwide, collaborating with renowned artists such as María Dolores Pradera, Mario Benedetti, Silvio Rodríguez, Daniel Viglietti and Mercedes Sosa. This documentary takes us on a passionate journey along the history of Ibero-American folk music through the songs of one of its main ambassadors.

Featured songs:

  • El Unicornio – Lyrics by Silvio Rodríguez
  • Por qué Cantamos – Lyrics by Mario Benedetti
  • No sé por qué te quiero – Lyrics by Victor Manuel
  • Aquella tarde – Lyrics & Music by Ernesto Lecuona
  • Alma Llanera – Lyrics by Rafael Bolivar, Music by Pedro Elias Gutierrez
  • Perfume de Carnaval – Lyrics & Music by Peteco Carabajal
  • Estampa Norteña – Lyrics & Music by Oscar Valles
  • Guacimara – Lyrics by Ramon Gil Roldan
  • Pasodoble Islas Canarias – Lyrics by Jose M. Tarridas
  • Voces del Meridiano – Lyrics & Music by Benito Cabrera
  • Folías de la Libertad – Lyrics & Music by Elfidio Alonso
Dead Slow Ahead

Original title



Musical Documentary

Production Company

Iombi Garcia Photography & Film


Víctor Calero

Director of Photography

Iombi Garcia


Spain / Spanish / 2016 / 65 min

Technical data

HD / Stereo / 1:1.85 / Color