BKLYN 11211

By Zac73dragon


A road movie across the b-side of the most hipster neighbourghood in New York. A tale where dreams and miseries wander together, trying to earn apiece of heaven on earth. In the neighborhood, a runaway bride crosses the streets dragging her useless white dress, the pizza boy can’t hide his obsession with gorillas, a guy dressed as a green Santa Claus hasn’t received his shipment of green socks and looks for sex on the Internet, a girl wanders by Williamsburg’s bridge without a place to sleep, a boy wants to meet a boy, two girls come across each other… And in the corner, there is a Laundromat where everybody ends up…

Director´s Bio

Zac73dragon was born in the Canary Islands, Africa, Spain – the year Sam Peckinpah premiered Pat Garret and Billy the Kid. He always loved movies, but he studied filmmaking by chance: two years in Spain and then at the New York Film Academy. In 2002, he decided to create an international film festival focused on the digital revolution. Called Festivalito (“The Little Festival”), it was his real film academy and the filmmakers who attended it were his real masters. He has shot three movies: 90 minutes & I love you, The light of Mafasca and BKLYN 11211.

Festivals and awards


  • Cine Las Americas International Film Festival 2015
  • Festival Cine Pequeño de Aspe 2015
  • Fuengirola Film Festival 2015
  • Festivalito La Palma 2015
  • Mediawave International Film & Music Gathering 2016

Original Title

BKLYN 11211


Dramatic comedy




David Sainz, Luifer Rodríguez, Alba Rodríguez, Tomás Moreno, Chiara Betancor, Virgnia Park, Patricia Álvarez


Zac73dragon, Julieta Martín, Sergio Bastani

Production company

Chukumi Studio, Diffferent Entertainment, The Tracker Company

Executive producers

Jose Víctor Fuentes, Virginia Park


Jaír Ramírez Pumuky, Daniel Negrín, Hundir La Flota, Luífer Rodríguez, Malformaciones Kongénitas, Sara Alinho, Legaliza Sound, Raúl Capote

Director of photography

Zac73dragon, Javie Lería & Tomás Moreno


Zelu Vega & Raúl Capote


Spain, Bolivia / Spanish, English / 2015 / 77 min

Technical data

HD / Dolby Digital  / 1:1.85 / Color

Available subtitles

English, French


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Calle Bethencourt Alfonso 23, 8º
38002 Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Canary Islands – SPAIN

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