White on white

A film by Theo Court

Yes, imagination. He said they had reached the South Pole and there were white birds, white pebbles, white poets, white murderers, white tigers and people, and a white city, but they could not be seen, because when snowing, they melted with the snow.

Tierra del Fuego was a hostile territory. In the prelude of the twentieth century, the allpowerful owner of this large estate is about to get married. A worn-down photographer arrives there, the last place on earth, to immortalize the marriage while seeking redemption in the purity of the snow. Far from that, he finds a sinister place in which strange events hide a massacre that lies beneath the White blanket: the genocide of the Ona Indians. The photographer needs to honour his pact of helping the bride-to be to escape, to take the girl out of this blood orgy, so he can be the only one who enjoys her beauty. He fails. The man is banished and, drifting in the end of the world, is plunged into a spiral of degradation. His only chance of redemption is to put an end to the power that corrupts everything.

The project has received Script & Project Development support from the Hubert Bals Fund so it is eligible for the Netherlands Film Fund – Hubert Bals Fund Coproduction Scheme.

Director´s Statement

With this film I want to talk about that invisible guilt that we practice in society on a daily basis, a guilt that we bear and redeem in naively superficial acts. This invisibility, which is behind all our actions, will be revealed through Pedro. For this, we set the action in a landscape that is in permanent transformation. The white that turns purity into impurity by hiding the path of our acts. The beauty that covers the horror.

Patagonia as a virgin land, a land that will be constantly marked by the mistake of genocide. Men attempt to delimitate the land, trying to control it, fence it, own it… But the wind is stronger erasing all tracks.

Director´s Profile

Theo Court is born in 1980 in Spain, from Chilean parents. In 2000 he returns to Chile where he begins his film studys in U. ARCIS in Santiago. In 2002 he goes to Cuba to attend the International Film and Tv School of San Antonio de los Baños, where he graduates in 2004 from the speciality of direction. His graduation short film “El espino”, written and directed by Theo and filmed in Chile, was selected in the 2005 oficial selection of Cinefondation at the Cannes film festival. In 2006, together with Andrés Bustamante, fine artist from Chile, he locks up during two years in the country house in south Chile to do a stop motion animation illustrated withsoil, sand and materials from the place; theis proyect is named “Sendero”. “Ocaso”, his first feature film, was selected in the following festivals; Valdivia Int. Film Festival; Rotterdam Int. Film Festival, BAFICI, FICC, Las Palmas Int. Film Festival, Los Angeles Film Festival, München Int film Festival, etc…

Production Company Profile

EL VIAJE FILMS has been going for 11 years. The idea of funding this company began when several of its members met at the prestigious International Film School in San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba. At that point they decided to install in the Canary Islands its general headquarters to develop an international authorial cinema directed by young filmmakers. Also we have created the “Center for the Study of Film Canarias”, in association with the “International School of Film and Television of San Antonio de Los Baños de Cuba (EICTV) and the University of La Laguna in order to meet the demand
for specialized film training in the Canary Islands. For years EL VIAJE FILMS has made different projects, recognized inside and outside the Canary Islands.




Theo Court


Jose A. Alayón


Theo Court, Samuel Martín

Based on

An original screenplay


Spanish, English, French, Dutch


Epic drama



Running time

110 min

Total budget

€ 1.5 M

Total budget in place


Partners attached

Volcano Films (Spain), Canary Islands Connection (Spain)